2018-2019 Yearbook Order Form

2018-2019 Yearbook Order Form


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A full color book is published to commemorate the learning & fun of the students and staff. Student portraits by class are included as well as hundreds of photographs of individuals during the school day and at school events. Pre-purchased yearbooks are distributed to students in June. Each book includes students from both elementary schools.

We know many of you capture amazing moments throughout the year. We invite parents and teachers to submit photos that can be used throughout the book. The best images feature groups of 3-5 children and/or staff taken at the school or a school/PTA event.

How to Submit: Email images to ltesptayb@gmail.com and indicate who/what the image is of (e.g., 5th grade students, Mrs. Hill’s 1st Grade Field Trip, or 2nd & 3rd graders at skate night, etc)

When to Submit: Please send your great photos as soon as you have them. Due to printing timelines, images received after April 1st cannot be used.

Yearbook Cover Contest

Each winter, fifth and third grade students are invited to submit artwork to the yearbook cover contest. One fifth grade image is selected to appear on the front cover and a third grade image is selected for the back cover. This contest is typically held between Winter and Mid-Winter breaks. Detailed dates, theme and guidelines will be distributed in student folders in January.

How to Order
Books are sold online only and cost $20. Just click the box to the right to order yours today!


Email the yearbook team at ltesptayb@gmail.com