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RAH CHAIR: Michele Brown

Here are a few of the R.A.H. highlights for the 2015-2016 school year:

  • The school-wide goal for Lake Tapps Elementary is 2,750,000 total minutes read.
  • Students will receive a certificate for every 500 minutes read up to 5000 total minutes. Students will then continue to be awarded monthly prizes every 500 minutes read as well as a special prize at 10,000 minutes read.
    • Record your minutes on the R.A.H. Calendar sent home each month. (Additional calendars available to download from this site under the Reading at Home Program)
    • Total weekly and monthly minutes and record on Calendar
    •  Parents must sign bottom of Calendar
    •  Calendars are due back to the classroom by the 1st of the month
    • Make sure the student's name is clearly written on his/her calendar.  No name = no minutes entered for the month!
  •  Each month, the top 4 readers for each grade level will have lunch with Mr. Webster, receive a R.A.H. certificate, and have their picture displayed in the school hallway. Students can only "win" this award once during the school year. The following are the currently planned dates for these lunches (may be subject to change):

LTES RAH Lunches take place at the 11:45 lunch

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